Community Services

  1. Be Active Safe Routes

    Lawrence Safe Routes to School is a local movement to create safe opportunities for children to bike and walk to and from schools.

  2. Communicable Disease Investigation

    On any given day, the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department may be working to contain an infectious disease.

  3. Community Health Program

    We seek to make Lawrence and Douglas County a healthier place by providing accurate information about factors that influence health, promoting the use of proven, effective health promotion strategies, and encouraging and supporting community-based changes in policies, systems and environment that positively impact health for all.

  4. Public Health Preparedness

    The Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department works with local partners to ensure that local public health capacities are in place to address large-scale disease outbreaks, illness or bioterrorism events in Lawrence and Douglas County.

  5. Tobacco Prevention

    Tobacco use causes nearly 1 out of every 5 deaths in the United States each year.

  6. Tools for Better Health

  7. Fuel Good

  8. Fuel Up 4 Summer