Public Health Preparedness

The Role of Public Health in Preparedness

A healthier population leads to a resilient population during and after a disaster. By focusing on the overall health of a population, Lawrence-Douglas County Public Health  aims to prevent and mitigate the effects of hazards. Healthier residents are less vulnerable to the risks of hazards; therefore, the hazard is less devastating to the community.

Working With Local Partners

The Lawrence-Douglas County Public Health works with local partners to ensure that local public health capacities are in place to address large-scale disease outbreaks, illness or bioterrorism events in Lawrence and Douglas County. Services provided include:
  • Preparedness and response planning and risk assessments
  • Communication enhancement between public health and response partners
  • Increased capacity to conduct epidemiological and surveillance activities
  • Practicing public health emergency response plans

Be Prepared

A tornado flattens your neighborhood. A fire destroys your home. A pandemic strikes your region and half of your family is separated. What will you and your family do in emergency disaster situations? Are you prepared?

Whether it’s a natural disaster, public health emergency or man-made event, by being prepared now, you and your family can have the necessary tools in place during an emergency. Two of the most important things you can do are:
  • Make a Kit
  • Have a Plan
To learn more, read our Disaster Preparedness Tips (PDF).

Healthy You, Resilient You

A healthy person is a resilient person. Focusing on your health can have a big impact on Douglas County’s preparedness and response. Here’s some things you can do that can have a positive effect on your health, your resilience, and ultimately the resilience of Douglas County:
  • Go for walk and get to know your neighborhood and your neighbors. Check in with each other during severe weather or other emergency situations.
  • Encourage your social organizations to practice a fire or tornado drill together.
  • Keep copies of priority medication prescriptions on hand.
  • Regularly see your primary care physician for wellness examinations.
  • Take a First Aid/CPR class