Secondhand Smoke

No Safe Level
There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke is responsible for thousands of deaths in the U.S. each year, and reducing exposure to secondhand smoke is an important way to improve the health of residents of Douglas County.

Clean Air Ordinance
The City of Lawrence passed a clean air ordinance in 2004 that prohibits smoking in enclosed public places. However, the health department remains committed to reducing second hand smoke exposure and continues to work with organizations like employers and apartment complexes to strengthen their tobacco policies to further reduce secondhand smoke exposure.

Smoke-Free Housing in Lawrence
Check out these locations for smoke-free renting options! If you are a landlord who provides smoke-free rentals and want to be added to this list, email Erica Anderson or call 843-3060. 

Aspen West
Babcock Place
Clinton Place
Eddingham Place
Edgewood Homes
Fox Run
Hanover Place
Ironwood Court Apartments
Legends Place
Park West Gardens Apartments
Quail Creek Apartments
Remington Square
Renaissance Properties
Spanish Crest
Sunrise Place
Sunrise Village
The Grove
Trail Ridge
Villa 26
Village Square
West Hills

If you are interested in tobacco-free environments, consider joining the LiveWell Tobacco-Free Living Work Group!

Does your neighbor smoke? Then so do you. Many complexes already offer smoke-free housing. Talk to y