Health Equity Reports


Equity is foundational to public health, and is integral to everything we do at Lawrence-Douglas County Public Health. Being aware of disparities that exist in under-served populations allows is necessary for us to counter-act these inequities to achieve our mission of providing opportunities for good health to all Douglas County residents.



2021 Health Equity Report -  "LDCPH’s goal in releasing the 2021 Health Equity Report remains the same as it was with the release of our first equity report in 2018. That is, to go beyond describing what we see and taking that next step of fostering community conversation that challenges us to eliminate the predictive power place, race and income have on community members’ health.

LDCPH doesn’t presume that this is our conversation. Rather we ask that you allow us to hear and learn from you. We believe success is best achieved when we share the responsibility and rewards of planning, implementing, and evaluating policy, systems and environmental changes that can move us towards health equity. Towards a community with abundant and equitable opportunities that advances health for all."- Dan Partridge, Director of LDCPH 

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2017 Douglas County Health Data Report — A summary of key health data that was assembled from an array of local, state and national sources.

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2018 Heath Equity Report — This report is a comprehensive composite of the health disparities and inequities that currently exist in Douglas County. sdfsf Opens in new window