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  2. Septic/Well Applications
  3. Inspections

Make a Payment


Real Estate Applications

Septic and well inspections are required for any real estate transaction that occurs in unincorporated Douglas County.

Real estate septic fee: $250

Real estate well fee:   $100


  1. Download and complete the Real Estate Application. Only fully complete applications will be accepted.
    a. Our list of licensed septic pumpers iavailable here.
  2. Email the completed application to: ehinfo@ldchealth.org.
  3. Make the $250 septic (or $350 septic + well) payment online. Please refer to the “Make a Payment” FAQ for instructions.
  4. Once both the application and payment have been submitted, EH staff will schedule the inspection(s) with your requested licensed septic pumper. We will contact real estate agents (or specified owners/buyers) via email to confirm the inspection time.
  5. Once the inspection is complete, EH staff will email a final report with a septic drawing (if available).
  6. If follow-up action is required, you will be provided directions on next steps with your final report.